Anti-Semitic slogans painted on Greek synagogue

Jewish community leaders in Greece call on authorities to act after anti-Semitic slogans painted on recently-restored synagogue.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Jewish community leaders in Greece on Tuesday slammed the "profane" daubing of anti-Semitic slogans at a recently-restored synagogue, the latest in a series of similar incidents.

"Shameful and insulting slogans, which profane the recently restored historic synagogue of Trikala, provoke indignation and deep sadness," Central Jewish Council of Greece (KIS) said in a statement quoted by the AFP news agency.

"Jewish snakes out," was just one slogan daubed in bright blue paint on the wall of the building, some 300 kilometers (185 miles) north of Athens and one of the oldest synagogues in the country.

KIS added the incident showed "the struggle against anti-Semitism must continue" and called on Greek authorities to take "all measures to arrest those behind this desecration and protect Jewish sites in Trikala," one of Greece's oldest Jewish communities going back centuries.

There has been a spate of similar incidents in Greece. In January, the Jewish Memorial Cemetery in Thessaloniki was vandalized two days before Holocaust Memorial Day. That marked the third time in half a year that the monument was vandalized.

In October of 2018, eight tombstones were smashed at a Jewish cemetery in Trikala. The cemetery has some of Greece’s oldest tombstones, including some erected more than 450 years ago.

In May of 2018, assailants destroyed several Jewish headstones in a cemetery in a southwestern suburb of Athens.

The Jewish community in Greece today numbers just a few thousand.