Minister Ze'ev Elkin:
'We proved the hysteria unnecessary'

Environment Minister attacks protesters and politicians who joined them: 'People who want to play a serious role should trust professionals'

Mordechai Sones ,

Leviathan gas rig on way to Israel
Leviathan gas rig on way to Israel
Noble Energy Spokesman

Environmental Protection Minister Ze'ev Elkin today addressed in a Galei Tzahal interview the completion of the process to start pumping with the Leviathan gas rig without emitting unusual pollutants.

"We proved the hysteria unnecessary," Elkin said. "Remember those who demonstrated in Tel Aviv this morning with some MKs trying to score political gain? I suggest people who want to play a serious role should trusting professionals."

Last Thursday, the Jerusalem District Court overturned the injunction to freeze the permit issued to the Leviathan gas rig, thus allowing rig work to continue.

Following the campaign against the pumping process, many residents of the Hadera area, Zichron Yaacov and Carmel left their homes tonight, for fear of unusual air pollution in the area that would harm their health.

Opening the borehole is a technical procedure in which tens of tons of gases that were trapped in the drilling pipes and in very deep earth are released into the air. After the gas is released, it will be possible to start using the natural gas in the reservoirs.

The Environmental Protection Ministry and Noble Energy set up a procedure to monitor gas emissions, to ensure that no unusual pollution is created in cities and coastal communities.