Israel to permit imports of Gazan strawberries

The move is expected to significantly lower the price of strawberries in Israel.

Elad Benari ,


The Political-Security Cabinet approved the import of strawberries from Gaza into Israel, in addition to tomatoes and eggplant.

The Ministry of Agriculture said that the strawberries would only be allowed into Israel after they obtain approval from the Ministry of Health that they can be marketed in Israel.

In light of the fact that the price of strawberries in Israel is very high these days, the import of strawberries from Gaza should significantly lower the price.

The decision to allow Gazan farmers to sell strawberries in Israel was made by the Cabinet as part of a series of economic measures in Gaza, with the aim of encouraging the contacts on a permanent ceasefire with Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

As part of the relief measures, Israel will allow tires, wires, fishing boats, buses and agricultural fertilizer into Gaza.

Israel regularly allows humanitarian aid into Gaza, despite the claims by its Hamas terrorist rulers that there is a “siege” on the region. Israel has approved hundreds of internationally funded and monitored projects in Gaza over the years.

In fact, Hamas regularly stops imports from Israel from entering Gaza. The terrorist group has several times in the past banned fruit imports from Israel, in a move which is aimed at “punishing” Israel but which essentially punishes Gazans.

In the past, Hamas has refused to cooperate with the Palestinian Authority in allowing Gazans to cross into Israel for medical treatment, due to its longstanding row with the Fatah movement.