Facial symmetry and beauty

Research suggests people with symmetrical faces have an evolutionary advantage.

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Researchers have done studies to determine what people find attractive. Some of the results indicate that people perceive level of attractiveness based on how symmetrical a face is. The reasons for why a symmetrical face is associated with beauty are not known for sure, but there are some ideas as to why this is the case.

One idea is that a symmetrical face indicates how healthy somebody is, and that a person who is ill has parasite infections or other illnesses which results in asymmetrical features. Asymmetry then would indicate that the person is less fit in terms of being a suitable mate that can provide healthy, fit children one day.

This idea is called the evolutionary advantage theory in which a person with symmetrical facial features has an advantage in terms of evolution. There may be evidence for this, at least when one considers other animals, since researchers know that animals with specific traits are preferred when it comes to mate choice. In fact, male birds with the brightest plumage and best feather condition often get more successful matings from females since they are the fittest individuals in the population.

The second idea is called perceptual bias and relates to how our visual system works. Scientists that believe this theory state that it may simply be easier for us to see and interpret symmetrical information than asymmetrical information. It has been shown that people, in general, even prefer symmetrical objects to asymmetrical objects when given a choice.

The role of societal norms on what we view as beautiful

The perception of beauty is also impacted by what your culture and society considers attractive. In the modern world, the role of the media can also be a powerful influence, leading people to view unusually thin women as beautiful. In recent years there has been a backlash towards models that look anorexic because it can set a dangerous precedent resulting in people wanting to be dangerously thin.

In other cultures, a larger more voluptuous body may be considered to be more beautiful, and this may include the appearance of the face.

How cosmetic clinics can help with facial features

Regardless of what your culture deems attractive, you can find ways to alter your facial features to be more appealing. This should not be taken to extremes though and it is important to understand that all procedures have some risks, although these may be only minor.

There are procedures such as eyebrow transplants that can help a lot if you are worried about your brows. The FUE hair transplant method can be used to place hair into the brow region to help thicken the hair up and to shape the brows. This may be a good way to also make your eyebrows more symmetrical if this concerns you.

Other options for the face include cheek implants, face lifts, and neck lifts. Nose jobs are also relatively popular and are especially useful if you also have problems with sinus infections and breathing issues related to having a deviated septum. You can visit this blog to get more details about any of the face options that have been mentioned in this article.