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Shooting at Texas church: 2 dead, 1 critically injured

The shooting ended quickly as a man pulled out his gun and shot the perp. A new Texas law allowing guns in churches passed only months ago.

Sara Rubenstein ,

Police in Texas (illustrative)
Police in Texas (illustrative)

Two people are dead and one is in critical condition following a shooting at a church in White Settlement, a suburb 15 miles west of Fort Worth. It is believed that the shooter is one of the three people but is unclear if he is one of the dead or injured.

The shooting, which occurred about 10 a.m. on Sunday morning during the church's worship service, ended quickly as a congregant pulled out his gun and shot the perpetrator. Other congregants with guns had pulled out their guns as well, ready to use them if necessary.

A new Texas law allowing worshippers to carry guns at religous sites went into effect only a few months ago.

The shooting was streamed live on the Sunday's worship service live stream but has since been taken down, WFAA-TV reported. The video showed a person in a large coat standing up, pulling out a rifle or shotgun and firing twice before someone else shoots back. Many others with guns ran toward the shooter and others dived under the church pews.

Church members are heard screaming and crying with one person yelling "I love you."

“Places of worship are meant to be sacred, and I am grateful for the church members who acted quickly to take down the shooter and help prevent further loss of life,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said. “Cecilia and I ask all Texans to join us in praying for the White Settlement community and for all those affected by this horrible tragedy.”