MK Gabi Ashkenazi: 'The year 2019 is lost, and it's not our fault'

Blue and White leader claims his party bears none of the blame for upcoming elections.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gabi Ashkenazi
Gabi Ashkenazi
Photo by Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Blue and White leader MK Gabi Ashkenazi spoke Saturday night about the events which led to the dissolve of Israel's 22nd Knesset earlier this month.

"We turned over every stone in order to examine the possibility of not holding new elections," Ashkenazi told Israel's "Meet the Press" program. He blamed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the fact that negotiations between the two parties failed to progress.

"The year 2019 is lost, and it's not our fault," he claimed. "The moment Netanyahu chose immunity, he brought down unity. You can't join that kind of government."

"The suggestion was that he would take a break and deal with his trials. We asked him, not the negotiating teams - will you compromise on immunity? He filled his mouth with water. From the moment he chose that, he did not want unity. Netanyahu wants a government of 61 MKs, an extremist right-wing government with extremist and messianic elements.

"In the coming elections, we will demand the public make a decision. From our perspective, there are no boycotts and no bans. Anyone who believes in a Jewish and democratic state is our partner."

It is not clear if Netanyahu will request parliamentary immunity to shield him from being tried in court. However, the Blue and White party has often accused him of holding on to his "immunity bloc" - a group of 55 MKs who signed an agreement to stick together and remain loyal to Netanyahu, out of a desire to prevent the creation of a left-wing government and an understanding that their voters wished them to remain with the right-wing bloc.