Watch: Netanyahu posts Fox News host 'special' criticizing indictments against him

Mark Levin, host of 'The Mark Levin Show' on Fox News: 'Netanyahu, the greatest PM in Israeli history, hasn't had a fair shake in media.'

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Mark Levin
Mark Levin
Fox News

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu posted a video of a special edition of Mark Levin TV named "The Coup against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu" on his social media accounts on Saturday night with Hebrew subtitles.

"I do not believe that - in my view - the greatest prime minister in the history of Israel - has had a fair shake with the Israeli media and most of the American media," Levin began.

"And so using our new technologies, using the platform we have here, I intend to do my very best to explain these allegations against the prime minister of Israel and to explain why they are so untoward."

Mark Levin, a lawyer and author, is the host of The Mark Levin Show on Fox News and editor-in-chief of the Conservative Review. In the past, he worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan and was a chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese.