Greenblatt: Israel can count on Trump, not on Sanders

Former White House adviser: The contrast between Trump and Sanders could not be starker.

Elad Benari, Canada ,

Jason Greenblatt
Jason Greenblatt
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Jason Greenblatt, former US Special Representative for International Negotiations, criticized Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders.

In an opinion piece published on the website of Fox News, Greenblatt wrote that Israel can count on US President Donald Trump to have its back in time of crisis, and not on Sanders.

“Thanks to President Trump and his strong support of Israel’s right to self-defense, the Jewish state can count on America as its most powerful and reliable friend,” wrote Greenblatt who referenced Wednesday's rocket attack on Ashkelon during a visit by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

“Let’s imagine for a moment what the reaction of the United States would be – under any leader who takes the security of Americans seriously – if a rocket attack was launched toward a campaign event being held by a presidential candidate,” continued Greenblatt.

“What would America or any other nation do? I think it is fair to say that the reaction to such an attack would be quick, decisive and punishing.”

“Yet no matter what Israel does, and no matter the extraordinary lengths it goes to avoid civilian casualties, its critics in other nations – including some Democratic politicians here in the US – hold it to an impossible and discriminatory standard,” wrote Greenblatt, who noted that Sanders is leveling “the harshest, most absurd and most frequent attacks on Israel.”

“At the debate of Democratic presidential candidates held last week, Sanders said that as president he would change US foreign policy so it is ‘not just being pro-Israel. We must be pro-Palestinian, as well,’” continued Greenblatt who also pointed out that at the same debate, Sanders branded Netanyahu a “racist”.

“This slur on the leader of Israel echoes the anti-Semitic claims of Israel’s enemies, who falsely argue that Zionism itself – the movement supporting a Jewish homeland where Judaism was born more than 3,000 years ago – is a racist philosophy,” added Greenblatt, who also reminded of Sanders’ comments at the annual J Street conference last month, when the Vermont Sanders said the US aid to Israel should be conditioned on its fundamentally changing its attitude towards Gazans.

“The sheer absurdity of this statement shows just how far left and how anti-Israel some in the Democratic Party have gone. It also shows a complete lack of recognition that the state of Israel is one of the greatest allies of the United States,” Greenblatt said.

“The plain truth is that Israel’s stability and security is essential to the security of numerous Arab countries in the region, as well as to the United States. If not for Israel and the US, the fanatical anti-American dictatorship that rules Iran would pose an even greater threat to all its neighbors and to the US,” he continued.

“The anti-Israel views of Sanders and some other Democrats irrationally promote rewarding Hamas and its partner in crime Palestinian Islamic Jihad for their acts of terror against Israelis, and for the tremendous suffering they inflict on Palestinians victimized by Hamas’ brutal rule of Gaza.”

“The Sanders position also falsely suggests that humanitarian aid can fix the tragedy that is Gaza. For years now, well-meaning countries and international organizations have tried to help the people of Gaza. Yet year after year, nothing changes,” Greenblatt pointed out.

Sanders and other critics of Israel are correct when they say that Palestinian Arabs in Gaza are suffering, continued Greenblatt, “But the suffering is not caused by Israel – it is caused by the Palestinian terrorists who rule Gaza as despots, depriving Palestinians of the legal rights and human rights all Arabs living in Israel receive.”

“Many Israel-bashers around the world have protested about how Israel is blockading Gaza. But few have discussed the underlying reasons for Israel restricting the entry into Gaza of goods and material that are repurposed by terrorists and radical thugs into weapons of war to murder and maim Israelis.”

“Anyone interested in bettering Palestinian lives and working toward peace must acknowledge that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are interested in nothing short of the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel and the murder of the Jews living there,” Greenblatt argued, adding that “Israel must continue to defend itself.”

“Israel defends itself with the friendship and support of President Trump and the Trump administration. The president and his administration have stood up for Israel to the degree that perhaps no other president or American administration have. The contrast between Sen. Sanders and some of the other Democratic candidates for president as compared to President Trump could not be starker,” wrote Greenblatt.

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