Showing the Land to Christians who love Israel

Aaron Lipkin specializes in giving tours of Biblical Israel to a wide variety of groups, including Israel-loving Christians.

Judy Simon ,

Aaron Lipkin
Aaron Lipkin

Aaron Lipkin is the archetypical Diaspora Jew returning home. Though he himself was born in Jerusalem, his parents and grandparents came from Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Poland and the USA.

His father, Avi, became known for his speaking engagements at churches and synagogues around the world, in which he focused on the Jewish right to a homeland in Israel, the Biblical connection, and the danger of Islam (long before the concept was popular).

Aaron, fluent in Hebrew, English and Arabic, opened his own tour company in 1997, drawing largely from his father's admirers who were interested in seeing the Land of Israel from a Biblical perspective. Today he leads tours for a wide variety of visitors to Israel, and has developed a special connection to Christian groups who have broken away from traditional beliefs, separated themselves from pagan holidays, celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday, and genuinely love the Jewish People, whom they see as G-d's chosen people.

Tune in to meet this knowledgeable, warm and congenial tour operator and to listen to his views on the danger of these Christian groups he has come to love, and what he believes is the role of the Jewish people in their regard.