Hamas: Israel using humanitarian aid to acquire agents

Senior Hamas official says his office is working to foil Israeli intelligence activities in Gaza.

Dalit Halevi ,

Gaza (illustrative)
Gaza (illustrative)

Tawfiq Abu Naim, the Director-General of Gaza's Interior National Security Ministry, blamed Israel for using Gaza residents' humanitarian needs for medical aid, trips abroad, and education to obtain security information from them.

Abu Naim said his office is working to foil Israeli activities, and that he has made significant achievements, proven by a small number of incidents of cooperation with the "occupation."

According to him, during recent years the Interior Ministry has advanced a number of campaigns to foil the provision of information to the "occupation," and plans were made to protect the interior front and ensure security and stability.

"The Palestinian security services in Gaza are working in a situation of continued conflict with the occupation and its intelligence bodies, both regarding security information and regarding events which it aims to use to upset the security situation," Abu Naim said.

In August, Hamas blamed Israel for two Gaza City attacks conducted by Islamic extremists. The attacks killed three police officers.