Watch: 'Fairytale' birthday for Holocaust survivors

Israeli American businessman holds birthday for 93-year-old Holocaust survivor in Miami who says "Don't forget us, be proud of heritage"

Yoni Kempinski ,

'fairytale' birthday
'fairytale' birthday
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Sally, a Auschwitz survivor who lives in Miami, recently turned 93. Israeli American businessman Joe Zevuloni, had promised her a "fairytale birthday" some time ago. This week, the promise was fulfilled.

Sally came to a special event that Zevuloni organized in his house in her honor. The bride of joy came with two friends - 100-year-old Julius and 89-year-old Adele who was in the Lodz ghetto, both also Holocaust survivors. About 250 people came to celebrate Hanukkah and to honor the Holocaust survivor.

Zevuloni recruited his friend, Chef Lior Hazan from the Mozart restaurant, who he said "did not stop pampering the guest of honor and all the celebrants."

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During the event, Zevuloni read comments that his followers posted on social networks following a post he published in advance of the event.

"They asked us not to forget them," Zevuloni wrote in a post after the event. "I assured them that this will never happen - the people of Israel live."

"I lost my mother in the gas chambers," Sally told the attendees. "My father died of malnutrition in Auschwitz. We don't have much time left to be here, so I ask you not to forget us. Be proud of your heritage."

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