Minister Akunis:
'Gaza military operation sooner or later'

Science Minister estimates Israel will not be able to continue absorbing Gaza escalations: 'Talk to terror organizations in their language.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

Minister Ofir Akunis today referred to the last night's fire from Gaza towards Ashkelon while the Prime Minister attended the primary campaign in the city.

"Gaza will need a large and complex military operation sooner or later. We reach out for peace and instead get either suicide bombers or knives or one massacre or another," Akunis said in a Kann News interview.

He said, "You should talk to terror organizations in their language. First of all, strike a very strong blow they won't recover from for many years."

The Minister also addressed the Likud primaries and reiterated his support for the Prime Minister.

"I never said that Sa'ar's run is illegitimate, but as a politician and minister I have to take a stand. We give Netanyahu the credit for what he has done and will do. Every spin by Sa'ar headquarters will be washed away today with the many rains falling across the country," Akunis said.

On the other hand, Ramat Gan Carmel Mayor Shama Cohen who supports Gideon Sa'ar, said: "Another poll shows the national camp led by Netanyahu significantly smaller. Even within the camp, Netanyahu's big believers say - this is his last chance.

"Blue and White heads pray that Netanyahu will stay. Today he's their asset, he's the banner that keeps them united," comments Shama Cohen.