Likud primaries:
MK Gideon Sa'ar: It's a fateful day for the Likud

'I call on Likud members - go out to vote despite the inclement weather,' Sa'ar says. 'Together, we can bring about change.'

Yoni Kempinski ,

MK Gideon Sa'ar
MK Gideon Sa'ar
Credit: Yoni Kempinski

MK Gideon Sa'ar, who is running against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for leadership of the Likud, spoke to reporters when he arrived at his polling station to vote on Thursday morning.

"It's a fateful day for Likud, for the national camp and the State of Israel," Sa'ar said. "I believe we can make a change and bring about a new reality that the Jewish people and the general public in the State of Israel are waiting for."

"We can win today, embark on a new path that will enable us to establish a strong and stable government and unite the people of Israel, which is the most important thing at this moment," Sa'ar added.

Sa'ar called on party members to brave the stormy weather and come to the polling stations. "I call on Likud members - go out to vote despite the inclement weather. I request your votes and your confidence. Together, we can bring about change and secure our path. If we don't bring about change, we're likely to be put at risk in the near future by the government of our political rivals."

"We can do this. I sense great enthusiasm on the ground. People feel that a change is needed and with the help of G-d we will accomplish this."