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Committee to Promote Jordan Valley Sovereignty to convene

Inter-ministerial committee prepares plan to annex Jordan Valley to State of Israel in accordance with PM's promise on eve of last elections

Hezki Baruch ,

Jordan Valley
Jordan Valley
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The inter-ministerial Committee to Promote Sovereignty in the Jordan Valley will convene in a week-and-a-half at the Prime Minister's Office, Arutz Sheva has learned.

The Committee is preparing the plan for annexing the Jordan Valley and Northern Dead Sea to the State of Israel, in accordance with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's promise on the eve of the last election.

The Prime Minister's Office said that "Netanyahu has made it clear that he will promote with full force the plan for applying sovereignty in the Valley and the northern Dead Sea and will continue to do so."

Last Thursday, Netanyahu visited the community of Mitzpe Yericho in Binyamin, promising: "We returned here not to leave, so the first thing we did was to apply our sovereignty here in the Jordan Valley and in localities and do so through American recognition. We strengthen the State of Israel and secure its future.

"The enthusiasm here and the pioneering spirit just shakes the soul. The huge development of Mitzpeh Yericho and all the settlements in Binyamin is incredible and we'll continue it. The reason we are here is that we have pooled forces to overcome those who wanted to push us out of our country and bring us back to the 1967 line," Netanyahu said, who was "excited to see the ancient landscape of the Land of Israel, the Land of the Bible, the Land of our ancestors."