Mossad agent who killed planner of Munich massacre speaks out

Agent D. lived in Beirut and Damascus under a false name and identity, becoming a close friend of the terrorist he'd later kill.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Memorial service for victims of Munich massacre
Memorial service for victims of Munich massacre
Sa'ar Ya'acov/ GPO

The Mossad agent who eliminated one of the terrorists behind the notorious 1972 Munich massacre spoke out for the first time ever, in a television appearance set to air on Channel 13 Monday.

In September 1972, Palestinian Arab terrorists kidnapped eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team from the Olympic village in Munich, West Germany.

The terrorists, affiliated with the group ‘Black September’ tortured – and in at least one case, castrated - and murdered the Israeli team members.

Six-and-a-half years later, the chief planner of the terrorist attack, Ali Hassan Salameh, was killed in a car bomb blast in Beirut, a targeted killing by the Israeli Mossad.

Details of the terrorist’s elimination and the operation which culminated in the bombing have remained largely unknown to the public.

On Monday, however, the season finale of the Channel 13’s “Reshimat Hisul” [Eliminate List] is set to feature the first public statement by one of the agents responsible for Salameh’s assassination.

D., one of the three Mossad agents involved in the operation to eliminate Salameh, lived in Beirut and Damascus for six years, under a false identity, while laying the groundwork for the operation.

Considered one of the Mossad’s greatest agents, D. is referred to within the agency by the moniker “Legend”.

During his undercover work in Lebanon and Syria, D. had been directed to observe Salameh from a distance, but ended up becoming a close friend of the man he would later help eliminate.

“It is possible that we had a lot in common,” said D. “He was smart, a strong, intelligent person, but as far as I was concerned, he was a dead man. Maybe he was wonderful, but I cannot forget that he slaughtered 11 Israeli athletes in front of the whole world.”