Hamas: Escalate 'battle' against Jews in Judea and Samaria

Terror group calls for attacks on Israeli civilians, says any retaliatory attacks are 'dangerous escalation,' show Israeli 'extremism.'

Dalit Halevi ,

Hamas terrorists
Hamas terrorists
Flash 90

The Hamas terror group has called to escalate the armed "battle" against Israel in the "occupied West Bank" - their name for Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods.

Abad al-Latif al-Qanoa, a Hamas spokesperson, called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to end its security coordination with Israel.

He also warned against retaliation for the escalation in the form of "attacks" by "settlers" against PA Arabs, including on agriculture, damage to homes, graffiti, and fires.

He called harm to PA Arabs "a dangerous escalation which shows the terror of the State of the [Zionist] enterprise and its extremism."

"The wild behavior of the herds of settlers demands that we deal with them using every means and provides a green light to the battle against them, in order to protect our nation," al-Qanoa said.

Israeli attacks on Arab civilians are rare, but whenever such an attack is suspected, the Jewish suspect is arrested. However, Arabs hurl firebomb and rocks at Jews on a daily basis, but most of these attacks go unpunished.

On the rare occasion a terrorist or his accomplice are brought to trial, their punishments are usually limited to a few years in prison and fines which Israel cannot force them to pay.