Shas' campaign: Aryeh needs a strong Bibi

Shas to launch billboard campaign that will highlight the party's relationship with the prime minister.

Hezki Baruch ,

Shas campaign
Shas campaign

Shas is launching its 2020 election campaign with a large outdoor campaign including the message "Aryeh needs a strong Bibi - guarding the right-wing bloc".

The campaign is a continuation of the consistent line of Shas, headed by Minister Aryeh Deri, who led the support for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as the right-wing bloc’s candidate for prime minister in the last two election campaigns and as the one who initiated and led the “right-wing bloc" after the elections.

Shas noted that "especially during this period, in light of the opposition that emerged against Netanyahu from the right-wing bloc in an attempt to undermine his leadership, the party emphasizes its strong support for Netanyahu as the only candidate who can rally the right-wing parties and lead to the establishment of a right-wing, strong and Jewish government."

The campaign will be officially launched on Thursday on billboards in major locations across the country.

Deri said on Wednesday, "It is precisely during this period, when they are trying to challenge Netanyahu as the leader of the right-wing bloc and as its prime ministerial candidate, that it is important for us to show public support and strengthen the prime minister."

"After the success of the bloc that prevented the establishment of a left-wing government, it is important to continue to support Netanyahu, as the only candidate who can unite all the right-wing parties and lead to victory with the help of God," Deri said.