Netanyahu's letter in the 'Torah Scroll of the People of Israel'

Prime Minister writes his name in Torah scroll project in which more than 100,000 Jews worldwide have taken part so far.

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Netanyahu writes in the Torah scroll
Netanyahu writes in the Torah scroll
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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday wrote a letter in the Sefer Torah for Am Yisrael (lit. The Torah Scroll of the People of Israel).

The letters that the Prime Minister wrote are the letters of his name "Binyamin", and they were written in Parashat Vezot HaBerachah.

The Prime Minister said during the letter writing that he feels great privilege and excitement to write in a Torah scroll that unites all the people of Israel.

Behind the project is Rabbi David Avraham Pressman. So far, more than 100,000 Jews have participated in the venture. These include MKs, mayors, rabbis, actors, singers, IDF soldiers, judges, prisoners, children and youth.

The scroll will be brought into the Western Wall. For the past two years, Rabbi Pressman has been giving the special privilege of writing a letter in the scroll to people from all corners of Israeli society.