Watch: Gas leak from tanker in Jerusalem

Following gas leak from tanker on Uri Ben Ari Street at Pisgat Ze'ev, electric supply on street cut. Fire department working to seal leak.

Mordechai Sones ,

tanker gas leak
tanker gas leak
Firefighters and Rescue spokesman in Jerusalem

Firefighters from the Hazardous Materials Unit of the Jerusalem District have been operating for the last hour in an attempt to counteract a gas leak from a tanker on Uri Ben Ari Street in the Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The fire department is conducting advanced operations on the ground to seal the massive leak from the gas tanker, to prevent combustion and explosion of the large amounts of gas leaking from the tanker.

Along with these actions, and by firefighters' and rescuers' directive, the Electric Company cut off electricity to nearby streets to prevent an electric spark igniting a gas explosion.

Fire and Rescue Monitoring Engineers, Jerusalem District is constantly monitoring with advanced detectors, and at this time high gas levels ​​are being measured in the leak area.

Firefighting forces operating at the scene of the leak are guarded by Jerusalem MDA forces and Israel police who are carrying out traffic regulation to direct civilians away from the scene.