New Torah scroll - on Adolf Hitler Street

Freiburg Jews hold parade welcoming new Torah scroll on street which was named after Hitler 80 years ago.

Yehonatan Gottlieb ,

Welcoming a new Torah scroll to Freiburg
Welcoming a new Torah scroll to Freiburg
Chabad Freiburg‎‏

Eighty years ago, on Adolf-Hitler-straße in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, Nazi flags stood out at every corner.

This week, members of the city's Jewish community paraded on that same street, singing and dancing as they welcomed their new Torah scroll, which had just been written.

The parade, led by the local Chabad Lubavitch emissary, ended as participants entered the local Chabad House, led by Rabbi Yakov and Chava Gitler.

Rabbi Zalmen Wishedski, Chabad Lubavitch emissary in Basel, Switzerland, participated in the ceremony and wrote on Facebook: "There are things that are never going to be cliche, and this is one of them: A proud and happy Jewish parade welcoming a new Torah scroll on the street that was the stronghold of the Nazis in Freiburg in the Black Forest, the street whose name was then Adolf-Hitler-straße."

"Rabbi Yakov and Chava Gitler, the Rebbe's emissaries to Freiburg, have given their heart and soul for years for the sake of Jewish Freiburg. Not always was success waiting around the corner, sometimes they were required to show great strength of character in the face of the challenges, but their Chabad innocence and devotion has a quiet strength that you cannot stand in the face of.

"Today they made history, when they welcomed a new Torah scroll and held a parade in the city's street. With my own eyes I saw how they planted Jewish pride in the hearts of the Jews of their city and those around it."