Attempt to smuggle electronic cigarettes foiled

Eilat customs authorities thwart attempt to smuggle thousands of e-cigarettes into Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The smuggled e-cigarettes
The smuggled e-cigarettes
Israel Tax Authority

Alert customs officials at the Yitzhak Rabin border checkpoint between Israel and Jordan foiled a weekend attempt to smuggle thousands of electronic cigarettes, refill material, and accessories into Israel.

The would-be smuggler, a resident of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, attempted to smuggle the items from Israel into Jordan, while avoiding the relevant customs laws.

As the vehicle entered the border crossing from Israel, the driver aroused the suspicions of the customs officers, leading them to thoroughly examine both driver and vehicle before allowing it to leave Israel for Jordan. The inspection showed that the driver had hidden the products in several places in his vehicle, including in the inner portion of the roof, the sides of the vehicle, and the trunk.

When interrogated by customs investigators belonging to the Drug Unit at the Eilat Customs Office, the suspect said he had intended to smuggle the products from Israel to Jordan and sell them there, since the price of the products there is very high. According to him, the merchandise is worth 150,000 NIS ($42,892).

Oded Netzer, director of the Eilat Customs and VAT offices, said that the issue of customs enforcement at land borders and airports is one of very great importance to Tax Authority employees, and that he will act harshly against those who violate the law.

The smuggled e-cigarettes Israel Tax Authority