Sa'ar: There will be no Palestinian state in the heart of Israel

'The Palestinians aren't serious about ending the conflict - they are serious about teaching their children to hate and kill Jews.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'ar
Hezki Baruch

Likud MK Gideon Sa'ar declared tonight on Sunday night that he opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state in Israel's territory.

Sa'ar claimed that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu "made endless concessions to Abbas. He gave the Bar-Ilan speech but the Palestinians never seriously sat in negotiations."

"They are not serious about ending the conflict. They are serious about teaching their children how to hate and how to kill Jews - with stones, cars, knives, weapons and rockets."

Sa'ar said that "all over the world they say that the two-state solution remains a path for agreement. This solution is not truly a solution. It is a two-state illusion - an illusion that has already failed for 81 years. It begins in 1937 under the British Mandate and continued with the negotiations at the time of Barak, Olmert and Netanyahu as prime ministers. The Palestinians have never been able to agree to a compromise, even when they were presented with generous offers."

Saar presented his own solution to the conflict: "The political solution should be in the form of autonomy with ties to the Kingdom of Jordan and economic alliances with the Palestinian Authority, Israel and Jordan. There will be no additional independent state between Jordan and the sea."