Orthodox Jewish candidate's reaction to Corbyn speech goes viral

Brexit Party candidate Yosef David couldn't hide his astonishment at Corbyn's remark: 'We did not descend into the gutter.'

Sara Rubenstein ,

Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit Party candidate Yosef David
Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit Party candidate Yosef David

Yosef David, an Orthodox Jewish Brexit Party candidate in the UK, couldn't help reacting to Jeremy Corbyn's blatantly false statement following his election defeat last week. His nonverbal reaction quickly went viral.

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn suffered a resounding loss on Thursday when the Conservative Party defeated Labour in a landslide victory.

Labour's election results, the worst since World War II, is largely attributed to the frustration with Parliament's failure to implement the 2016 Brexit referendum, as well as festering anti-Semitism within the Labour party, which Corbyn not only failed to address but was considered a large part of the problem.

"I'm very proud of the way that we fought this election campaign," Corbyn said. " We did not descend into the gutter."

At that statement, a bored-looking Yosef David, standing behind Corbyn, suddenly woke up, raising his left eyebrow in disbelief. It only took him a moment to compose himself back to a neutral expression but it was too late. The moment was caught on the camera to the amusement of social media users.

"We did not undertake personal abuse," Corbyn continued. "We undertook the task of getting a message of hope and justice to every part of this country."