Witnesses to Hamas terror: UN ambassadors visit south

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon brings fellow UN ambassadors to site of Hamas terror tunnel, see Iron Dome battery,

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ambassador Danon briefing
Ambassador Danon briefing
Israeli mission to the UN

On Thursday, UN ambassadors from around the world visited the site of one of Hamas' terror tunnels and then toured an Iron Dome battery in Netivot. The delegation includes ambassadors from Guatemala, Paraguay, Poland, Ethiopia, Romania, Ukraine, Estonia, the Czech Republic and other countries.

The delegation of ambassadors, who visited Poland earlier this week, is led by the Israeli ambassador to UN Danny Danon. Previously, the ambassadors visited Jerusalem and met with Israel's president. Later today, they will visit the cyber center in Be'er Sheva.

"The rocket fire from Gaza is part of the widespread terror network Iran wages against Israel in the Middle East. The regime in Tehran has many terrorist proxies, one of which is Hamas in Gaza. Hamas receives clear instructions on how and when to shoot at civilians in Israel," Ambassador Danon said, adding: "Israel will defend itself against any attack on its people and against any threat. We will prevent Iran's aggression, which not only threatens Israel, but our neighbors and the entire world."

Danon called on the ambassadors to join Israel's initiative at the UN to declare Hamas a terrorist organization in the Security Council: "The tunnel you see is intended for bringing terrorists into Israeli communities as part of Hamas' terrorist campaign, to murder civilians and kidnap women and children into Gaza. This image should reveal to you Hamas' true intentions, and translate into action in New York. Declaring Hamas as a terrorist organization will add to regional stability and weaken Iran's aggression."

Ambassador Jean-Claude Felix do Rego from Benin said: "I think it was very important for the delegation to come on site and to see first hand the tunnel. It's a source of reflection for all of us to see the amount of energy and finance involved in such work. We would like here to commend the IDF for the work they are doing because after all we are working here for peace and the safety of the population."
Ambassador Marie Chatardová from the Czech Republic said: "This material [to build the tunnels] could be use for peaceful reasons and it would be much better to have hospital schools and something for the civilians."