Netanyahu: Time to normalize all Jewish communities in Yesha

PM says 'historic opportunities' for international recognition could be missed if third elections are held.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu
Sharia Diamond

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Speaking at the Makor Rishon conference at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem Sunday, Netanyahu said: "This is definitely a significant week in which we will know if Israel is heading for new elections, or whether common sense will prevail and the desired unity will finally be achieved. In the last few weeks I have not spared any effort. The response: Nada. Nothing. Blue and White didn't move a millimeter, even a nanometer, anything, so we could form a unity government."

"It's not too late, there's still time to do it. One of two things has to happen - either Benny Gantz overcomes Yair Lapid's veto or Avigdor Liberman overcomes Avigdor Liberman. These are the two options and I really hope one of these two happens because there is no reason to go to elections again.

Netanyahu also referred to his proposal to hold a direct election for prime minister, "I made another proposal yesterday, exceptional situations need extraordinary solutions. I suggested to Benny Gantz to reach a unity government and today I tell him to come to a unity government with me. Let the people make the decision. Expedite elections for the direct election of the prime minister, to let the people decide who will be prime minister. That way, we will also save long months, elections for the Knesset, and a lot of money."

"I hope there will be a last-minute rally that will save us the entire process, but I must say that if we are forced into an election we will win big with our members in the national camp. We will go to the elections with an emphasis on our achievements and our great opportunities," Netanyahu added.

The prime minister also addressed the situation on the southern border. "If we need to launch a major operation in Gaza, so be it. There will be no deal if the shooting does not stop - and if it does not stop then a decision will be made. In Gaza, a few weeks ago they received a sample of that."

Netanyahu stated that he believes that Israel should promote a defensive alliance with the Americans that would not limit its freedom of action. "There are two big opportunities that must not be missed. A historic alliance with the US can now be reached. It is possible now and it must not be missed, I told Benny Gantz. I told him I could bring this alliance in such a way that Israel's freedom of action would not be restricted. Every country is looking for alliances, even superpowers are looking for alliances."

"I make alliances and relationships, some of them hidden from view, with African, Latin American, Asian, and Arab countries. A lot of alliances and relationships that didn't even exist and couldn't even be imagined. The most important and irreplaceable alliance is this alliance with the US. And it is our time to formulate this alliance ... in which Israel completely retains its freedom of action. I can achieve a historic defense alliance and that is what I intend to do with G-d 's help in the coming months.

Netanyahu added that there is now also the possibility of promoting widespread sovereignty. "The second opportunity is to determine our eastern border, to apply Israeli law to the Jordan Valley and to do so with international recognition, American recognition. I want American recognition of our sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, that's important. They are saying we didn't discuss a formal plan and that's true, but the issue came up in my discussion with [Mike Pompeo]. Secretary of State Pompeo and I intend to raise the issue with the Trump administration. It is time to apply Israeli sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and to normalize all communities in Judea and Samaria, those in the blocs and those outside. They will be part of the State of Israel."

"We had to fight with American governments that did not see eye to eye with us for our rights in the Land of Israel, the settlement in the land of Israel. In this fight, I had to invest all my efforts, in parallel with the effort against Iran, to protect that settlement. I was most blatantly told 'not even one brick' in Judea and Samaria.. With pressures I will not begin to describe to you, that no Israeli prime minister has faced, such as has been published and unpublished. I did not give up, I pushed against the pressure, the Jewish population of Judea and Samaria doubled during this time. This required hundreds of thousands. This was a tremendous political effort,” Netanyahu said.