Sa'ar against direct elections

Likud MK who seeks to challenge PM Netanyahu says government systems 'are not socks' that can be changed for a momentary political crisis.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

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MK Gideon Sa'ar (Likud) criticized the prime minister's proposal this morning to quickly enact a law that would lead to personal elections for the prime minister.

"This is a move that has no chance of passing in the few days left for this Knesset. A system of government should not be changed abruptly to try to resolve a momentary political situation," said Sa'ar in an interview with Kan Bet.

"The direct election that the Likud has always rightly opposed was canceled after a few years. There is also a decision by the Likud Central Committee. When [former Prime Minister] Olmert ried to change the system of government, Netanyahu rightly told him - 'Government systems are not socks.' We need a majority in the Knesset, Unfortunately, as long as Netanyahu continues to lead the Likud, we will not have a majority in the Knesset. Everything else in my mind is mere spin," Sa'ar said.

Sa'ar sharpened his stance, stating that "there are entire groups willing to support the Likud under my leadership, audiences Netanyahu doesn't reach, so I have no doubt that we as a national camp will expand our wingspan if there is a change of leadership. We remain stuck at a dead end that damages the country every day."

He stated that the Likud needed to have leadership primaries in order to continue to govern the State. "The only thing I want is to keep the Likud in power. Anyone is allowed to run, so I voted for the democratic vote, which is politically correct and fair. I do not think that a democratic movement like the Likud - and especially in the current political situation - will not have primaries. The Likud derives its power, among other things, from being a democratic party. Contesting is not something that weakens a party but something that puts life in it and strengthens it."