Former Labor leader: Gantz won't manage to replace Netanyahu

Avi Gabbay warns against new elections, urges MK Gantz to form unity government with Likud.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Avi Gabbay
Avi Gabbay
Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Former Labor chairman Avi Gabbay on Saturday spoke about his support for Blue and White Chairman MK Benny Gantz, his fear of violence during a third round of elections, and why he finds the current situation concerning.

In an interview with News 12, Gabbay said: "I think that third elections in Israel within one year is complete insanity in the system. This is the type of thing that you don't know how it will end. We've had two rounds of elections without violence, and we're not sure that a third round will also be without violence. At the end of the day, I'm asking myself - where are we taking our society and country?"

In fact, the previous elections saw several incidents of violence and threats of violence at Arab voting stations.

"I think that it is intolerable that there is a Prime Minister who has had indictments filed against him and who continues to serve in his role," Gabbay added. "We didn't think we'd drop so low. But after I've said that, there are 55 Knesset seats who think the opposite. Leaders are charged with choosing between options, which are usually bad - and here the best option is to form a unity government."

Regarding Gantz, Gabbay said: "I believe Gantz, truly and sincerely, that for him, Israel comes before everything. Without sarcasm, without any 'buts.' Because of this, I think he needs to make a very tough decision now, which has its risks, and form a unity government. I say that from a place of appreciation.:

When asked if he misses his role as Labor leader, Gabbay said, "I decided five years ago that I want to do things for the public, and it didn't work out. I really regret that. That was my parents' request when they came to Israel, that I should involve myself in doing good for the State and less in bringing in money for my children. And I feel it's a real shame."

Earlier this week, Gabbay said he regrets refusing to join Netanyahu's coalition in April - a step which would have prevented the second round of elections.