'Netanyahu is turning every stone to promote elections'

Blue and White chairman: Netanyahu offered nothing that would prevent unnecessary elections.

Arutz Sheva North America Staff ,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz

Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz on Friday accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of doing everything in his power to lead to a third election, saying Netanyahu has not offered anything new to prevent an election.

“A few days ago, I received an invitation from Likud chairman Netanyahu to meet. I have promised to make every effort to achieve unity. Of course I agreed to meet, even though it was clear to me that the chances of a significant breakthrough for unity were low,” Gantz wrote in a post on Facebook.

“In recent years I have spent many hours with Netanyahu. In the room, face-to-face, we always had mutual respect and a respectful dialogue. The same is true of the negotiations and other talks we have had in recent months. But this time, Netanyahu came to blow up the talks. This is not the person I knew, and I know him well.”

“Even though I had hoped, Netanyahu offered nothing new that would prevent unnecessary elections. He would not give up the immunity, the bloc, and certainly would not give up his spot as the first to serve in a rotation. Even so, as always, the conversation was respectful and everyone went his own way. When I left the meeting, even before I could leave the Kirya, Netanyahu released a statement that only those who refuse unity could release,” charged Gantz.

“Netanyahu seems to have decided to go to elections. While I came to a meeting with an open mind to advance, in the time that remains, a government for the people of Israel, Netanyahu saw this meeting as part of an election campaign.”

“If anyone had any doubts, last night at a briefing with reporters, he began talking again about two years as prime minister and not half a year as he had promised.”

“While I turn every stone to achieve unity, Netanyahu turns every stone to promote elections. I have public responsibility and I have said it above every possible stage: Elections are bad for the people of Israel,” Gantz stated.

“But if Netanyahu drags us there - I will work hard, and fight with all my might for the state, its future, its character and its unity, together with my colleagues in Blue and White. This is our commitment to you.”

“Netanyahu did not win in April, lost in September and if he drags us to the elections - we will defeat him in March 2020,” Gantz promised.

“After the upcoming elections, the Netanyahu era will end and sanity will be restored because that is what is right for Israel,” he concluded.

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