'This is not an accident but a murder'

Family and friends of Israeli who was run over by a bus in Casablanca claim the bus driver intentionally ran over him after an argument.

Ben Ariel ,

Scene of the incident in Casablanca
Scene of the incident in Casablanca

43-year-old Rabbi David Levy, a resident of Ashdod and one of the disciples of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, took a trip to see the tombs of righteous people in Morocco, and was crushed to death last Friday between two buses that were leading worshipers to a celebration by Rabbi Pinto in the city of Casablanca, after one of the bus drivers accelerated and hit two Israelis who were crossing the road.

Levy’s friend who was injured in the incident, and other people who were on the same trip, claim that the bus driver deliberately ran Levy over following an argument.

Channel 13 News on Thursday published a video documenting his final moments, in which Levy is heard saying he is returning to the hotel due to the fact that Shabbat was about to begin, and then getting off the bus.

Later, an argument ensued between the bus driver and the Jewish worshipers. David Bonen, who was standing several centimeters in front of Rabbi Levy when Levy was hit, testified that the driver "accelerated at full speed and had the look of a killer on his face." Bonen was lightly injured, but Rabbi Levy stood no chance.

Rabbi Levy was married and a father of four. His wife, Sagit, said, "He was an amazing person. This is murder, it was not an accident."

The Foreign Ministry said in response, "We are continuing to follow the investigation of the incident and are working to receive the investigation report."