'Every demolition of a terrorist's home costs me heavily'

Outgoing State Attorney on demolition of terrorists' homes: "We support it because there's no choice."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shai Nitzan
Shai Nitzan
Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Outgoing State Attorney Shai Nitzan told a conference in Haifa on Thursday evening that every demolition of a terrorist's home is personally approved by him and by the Attorney General.

"My mission was, if I could, to abolish all the defense regulations set by the British. Most notably, Regulation 119 regarding the demolition of terrorists' homes," Nitzan said.

"Every demolition of a terrorist’s home, the Attorney General and I personally approve. It costs me a heavy price, but we support it because there is no choice, because the defense establishment says it saves human lives," he continued.

"The power of a lawyer should be invested in the war on human rights. We have changed the policy and today we file more indictments on racism and incitement to racism,” said Nitzan.

"As someone who grew up in a family devoted to human rights, it was difficult for me to accept that Justice Aaron Barak approved [Meir] Kahane to run for the Knesset in 1984," he added.

Nitzan said he was proud of the decision to disqualify Dr. Michael Ben Ari from running for the Knesset.

"There were arguments, and it was not simple, but I am so happy that the decision was finally made by the Attorney General to disqualify Michael Ben Ari.”

In the wake of the indictments in the submarine affair, Nitzan said, "One of the values ​​we need to fight for is the purity of virtue and cleanliness. A state that does not work as well as it can to fortify these values - woe to it. Today my decision to prosecute a host of former senior officials in the state’s holy of holies, the defense establishment, was made public.”

"I have decided to prosecute a host of suspects: the former Navy chief, the Prime Minister's former bureau chief and a former minister. I do not shy away from fighting corruption, and we stand by our words. However, I stress that all the suspects have the presumption of innocence. Nobody is in a hurry to call them criminals."