Likud rejects motion to hold primaries

Likud Central Committee says decision to hold new national elections must come before decision to hold party leadership primary.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Netanyahu, Sa'ar
Netanyahu, Sa'ar
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The Likud Central Committee will vote on Sunday to reject the motion to hold party primaries before it is determined that national elections will be held.

In a statement issued by the Likud, it was stated that "the decision on the Likud leadership primaries will be made if and when we run for election."

MK Likud Gideon Sa'ar, who has sought to challenge Prime Minister Netanyahu for the party leadership, addressed the possibility of party primaries in an interview with Channel 13 News.

According to Sa'ar, he has received widespread support for his position. "At the top of the Likud, out of conversations I hold, there are many who support my position. I hope that down the road, if G-d forbid we hold a third election, we will see them stabilize."