Watch: Israeli flag removed from Ohio college display

BDS activist filmed cutting down Israeli flag from display at Columbus State Community College in Ohio.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Israeli flag (illustration)
Israeli flag (illustration)

A radical anti-Israel student activist was filmed cutting down an Israeli flag from a display at Columbus State Community College (CSCC), in Columbus, Ohio recently.

A video published by ‘BDS Report’, which monitors anti-Israel activity, shows a student, identified as Malek Mustafa, cutting down an Israeli flag from a display at CSCC on November 30th.

Mustafa was also filmed throwing the Israeli flag into a nearby garbage can.

A day later, CSCC confirmed the incident, tweeting that the school had launched an investigation.

“Columbus State has confirmed a recent incident in which a miniature Israeli flag was forcibly removed from an international flag display on college property. An investigation is underway.”

On Tuesday, CSCC commented again on the incident, saying that it was reviewing the matter.

“Columbus State is committed to a safe, inclusive environment for all students and the community. The college is undertaking a due process review of the recent incident of a man cutting down and throwing away a miniature Israeli flag from an international flag display on campus.”

“We first learned about this incident Saturday along with the rest of the public when the video posted to social media and quickly went viral. The college must and will abide by student privacy laws in disposition of the incident.”

According to a report by Canary Mission, which monitors anti-Israel and anti-Semitic student groups on college campuses, Mustafa has a history of virulent – and even violent – anti-Israel rhetoric.

In a July 2018 tweet, Mustafa wrote that the arrest and subsequent release of Ahed Tamimi, a Arab resident of the Palestinian Authority jailed for slapping IDF soldiers, had inspired him to “go to Palestine and slap a b**ch a** soldier.”

In October of that year, Mustafa threatened violence against supporters of Israel, tweeting: “I hate seeing vids of people riping trump sings and being f**king childish as hell and trying to silence people's freedom of expression....With that being said if i ever see a motherf**ker holding an isreal sign he's ganna catch this smoke."

A month later Mustafa tweeted that part of him “just wants to the third intifada to start and die throwing rocks and burning tiers.”

In other tweets, Mustafa accused Israel of committing genocide, and rejected peace between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

“F**k peace w israel. We don't wnat peace. We want freedom."