'A rotation for Lapid - or sovereignty over the Jordan Valley'

Dep. Defense Minister Dichter calls on Blue and White leader to put aside personal considerations, focus on Israel's future.

Dep. Defense Min. Avi Dichter ,

Avi Dichter
Avi Dichter
Flash 90

Deputy Defense Minister Avi Dichter (Likud) responded to Blue and White leader MK Yair Lapid's claim that the US recognition of the Jordan Valley as sovereign Israeli territory is a "political gimmick," saying Lapid's statement was "preposterous."

"He knows very well that in the past two years, the US has contributed crucially to Israel's establishment as the nation-state of the Jewish people," Dichter wrote. "Under the leadership of President [Donald] Trump, who worked closely with Prime Minister [Binyamin] Netanyahu, the US recognized Jerusalem as our capital and moved its embassy there, recognized the Golan Heights as sovereign Israeli territory, and removed its claim that the settlements in Judea and Samaria are illegal."

"It is worth saying this clearly: These things happened under President Trump's leadership, thanks to the personal connection between him and Prime Minister Netanyahu. The President has another year to his current term, before the next elections are held there. This is a golden opportunity for us to complete our achievements and reap the fourth fruit - US recognition of the Jordan Valley as the State of Israel's eastern border.

"MK Lapid, you said several times that you want to be prime minister. How can it be that you do not understand the significance of US recognition of our sovereignty in the [Jordan] Valley? It's clear that Netanyahu led the previous processes, and he is the appropriate leader for the next few months with President Trump. What makes you disparage his words?

"We all hope that Trump will win another term, as befits a true friend of Israel. But what if elections there dictate otherwise? Why not ensure the future of the State of Israel with the [Jordan] Valley in the coming few months?

"Yair, where is your national responsibility? It's either a rotation for you, or the Jordan Valley for all of Israel. Even if you can't stand Netanyahu, it's expected of you, in the nine days which are left to prioritize the good of the state in such a crucial issue, over your personal or party considerations. That's what's expected from someone who claims to be a leader."

After Netanyahu failed to form a government, Gantz was tasked with the job. However, Gantz as well failed to form a government within the allocated time. Israel then entered a 21-day period during which any MK who can garner the support of 60 other MKs can ask to form a coalition and become prime minister.

However, so far no one has succeeded and efforts to from a unity government with the Likud and Blue and White parties has failed due to Blue and White's insistence that its chairman, MK Benny Gantz, serve as prime minister during the first two years of such a government, and MK Lapid's resistance to joining a government which includes Netanyahu.