Ayelet Shaked: Judicial activism has been stopped

Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked warns against Supreme Court intervention and Prime Minister's disqualification under indictment.

Ayelet Shaked,


Some criticize me for my conservative approach. I'm actually proud of it, and I'm not even the ground-breaker.

Read Judge Noam Solberg's rulings. Since he was appointed to the Supreme Court, and in the preceding years as a magistrate and district judge, he consistently took a professional, conservative approach: Judging by the language of the law without gliding into abstract values, by adjudicating expenses, ensuring the right to petition, and by limiting reasonable cause with an approach that is professional, matter-of-fact, and modest in relation to the other authorities.

Still waters run deep. The conservative approach he used has taken root, and we see the beginnings of restoring public confidence in the courts.

I'm proud of the Supreme Court appointments that I brought about, I'm pleased with the Solbergs appointed during my term to the magistrates' and district courts.

Judicial activism is halted, and conservatism in law will take its place.