Report: Progress on unity government

Likud, Blue & White reportedly reach understanding on issues, though disagreements remain on some key questions.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Likud and Blue and White negotiating teams meet
Likud and Blue and White negotiating teams meet
Hezki Baruch

The Knesset’s two largest parties have made progress towards the formation of a unity government which could prevent Israel from going to its third election in a year, Channel 13 reported Monday morning.

Negotiators for the Likud and Blue and White have agreed on a number of contested issues, bringing the two sides closer to a deal that will enable the parties to form a broad national unity government, and prevent snap elections.

According to the report, the two sides agreed to pass the “Incapacity Law”, which would force government officials – including the prime minister – to declare themselves incapacitated if under indictment.

If passed, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, once he is formally indicted, would be unable to serve as premier, becoming instead acting prime minister, deprived of the authority of the premiership.

The two sides also agreed, according to the report Monday, to pass a law prior to the new government’s establishment which would set the date for the rotation of the premiership from the Likud to the Blue and White party, making the change from Netanyahu to Benny Gantz automatic.

In addition, the Likud and Blue and White parties have agreed on the allocation of ministries in the unity government, with ministries evenly divided up. Also, the two sides agreed that the Justice Ministry, currently held by the Likud’s Amir Ohana, will become a non-partisan position held by someone outside of the Knesset.

Other issues, however, remain unresolved, including the Likud’s demand that Netanyahu continue to serve as premier at the beginning of the unity government, the report said.