Mother arrested on suspicion of abusing children

Mother from Jerusalem's Arab neighboroods arrested on suspicion of physically, verbally, abusing her children.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Child abuse, sad boy
Child abuse, sad boy

A woman of approximately 40 was arrested Sunday on suspicion of physically and verbally abusing her minor children.

The woman, who lives in one of Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods, was interrogated by police officers and her arrest was extended by the court.

Authorities were informed of the abuse after the mother's son arrived at a health clinic in the city in order to receive medical care for a blow to his face. Investigations by police officers called to the scene led to the suspicion that the injuries were caused by the child's mother.

Police officers arrested the mother and began interrogating her on suspicion of attacking a helpless individual and causing injury. As the investigations advanced, investigators began to suspect that the mother physically and verbally abused her other children as well, and that the abuse occurs on a regular basis.

Mynet quoted the mother as telling investigators that "it's normal and every mother has the right to beat her child."