Fatal car crash in northern Israel

49-year-old woman killed in accident near Galilee town of Kfar Tavor. Two others injured in the crash.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of the crash
Scene of the crash
MDA spokesperson

One person was killed and two more injured in a traffic accident in northern Israel Monday morning.

The accident occurred on Route 767 in the Lower Galilee, near the town of Kfar Tavor.

Three vehicles were involved in the crash, authorities reported.

The victims included a 49-year-old woman, who was killed in the crash, along with the drivers of two other vehicles who suffered light injuries.

MDA emergency response teams were dispatched to the scene and treated the two lightly injured victims before evacuating them to Poriya Medical Center in Tiberias. MDA medical teams were forced to declare the 49-year-old woman dead at the scene.

“This was a very serious traffic accident,” said MDA paramedics Tzuri Navot and Muhammed Shibli. “The driver of one of the cars, a 49-year-old woman, was trapped in the driver’s seat, unconscious, not breathing, and with no pulse. We pulled her from the vehicle, which had been completely torn apart, and evacuated her to an ambulance, where we performed resuscitation techniques. She suffered very serious multi-system injuries, and in the end we were forced to declare her death.”

“The drivers of the two other vehicles involve in the accident suffered light injuries. After undergoing medical examinations in the field, they were evacuated to the hospital.”

Following the accident, Route 767 was closed to traffic in both directions from Kfar Tavor Junction to Shadmot Devorah Junction.