Rabbi Peretz to Gantz:
'Don't listen to those who advise you to be stubborn'

Education Minister: We are not the United Kingdom or Italy. We don't have the privilege of a third election.

Hezki Baruch ,

Rabbi Rafi Peretz
Rabbi Rafi Peretz
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz (Jewish Home) spoke on Sunday evening at the Deputy Mayors’ Forum which met in Eilat.

In his remarks, Peretz said that the State of Israel was in an impossible political situation. "The governmental and political instability is a privilege reserved for countries without threats like we have. We are not the United Kingdom or Italy. The State of Israel faces security, social, and economic challenges."

Peretz emphasized that this is a critical time for the State of Israel "and we must not come to the point of a third election. Such elections will further diminish public confidence in the government institutions, the Knesset, the government and the court."

"Last night, a new compromise proposal was presented by the Likud to Blue and White. Now we’re talking about a period of five months [in which Binyamin Netanyahu will serve as Prime Minister]. If there is an election, Netanyahu will be Prime Minister during this time period anyway, so there is no room for the stubbornness here,” he said.

"I call from here to Benny Gantz, my friend from the army: Don't listen to anyone who advises you to be more and more stubborn (we all know who the adviser is ...), I know you well, I’ve seen you command over Operation Protective Edge, national responsibility is a part of you, do not lend a hand to a third election. The people of Israel will not forgive you and us for that. A national responsibility government is required right now," Minister Peretz stressed.