'The Torah and the Big Bang theory fit together perfectly'

Professor Nathan Aviezer: Scientific evidence agrees with Torah regarding the creation of the universe.

Judy Simon,

Prof. Nathan Aviezer
Prof. Nathan Aviezer

Was the world created as described in the book of Genesis, or did it begin from an explosion of light commonly known as the Big Bang? Actually, its both, argues Physics professor Dr. Nathan Aviezer

But how can that be? Dr. Aviezer shares his surprising insights on the subject, explaining in simple terms how the beginnings of the universe according to modern science fits harmoniously with the Torah's description of creation to a startling degree of accuracy.

Tune in to find out more about evolution, dinosaurs, the age of the universe and the development of man, explained by a Torah-observant world-renown physicist, author of three books on the subject, and sought-after lecturer. Professor Aviezer brings in quotes from scientists such as Stephen Hawking aside quotes from ancient Torah scholars such as Maimonides.

A fascinating and intellectually stimulating show. You will not be disappointed!