Judge to family: 'Saddened' by death of terrorist

Judge Neil Hendel erases petition by imprisoned terrorist who recently died of cancer. In verdict, judge participates in family's grief.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

Supreme Court Justice Neil Hendel yesterday accepted a request by Attorney Kamal Nator, representing murderer Sami Ahad Abu Diak, to delete the petition he filed in the Supreme Court.

The attorney sought to delete the petition after the Islamic operative died two days earlier from cancer, while he was incarcerated.

Abu Diak was sentenced to three life sentences after he murdered 18-year-old Ilya Krivich, a resident of Chomesh, and committed other hostile acts.

However, the judge's decision caused outrage among bereaved family members when it was discovered that on the decision Judge Hendel wrote: "I instruct deletion of the petition as requested; I participate in the grief of the family."

Bereaved families responded by saying "a judge should not offer condolences for the death of a terrorist, even after he died in prison."