'Netanyahu, let another candidate form a government'

The Chairman of the National Headquarters in the Likud is leading the charge for a new candidate to form a government.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Nathan Engelsman, the Chairman of the National Headquarters and the Chairman of the Binyamin chapter of the Likud, sent a letter to party members, supporting the idea that a government should be formed, but not by Prime Minster Binyamin Netanyahu.

"We love you Netanyahu and we don't want third elections," the letter started. "I'm requesting from all Likud members, gather 61 signatures, in 14 days, led by a right wing leader, preventing third elections, a third Oslo."

Engelsman explained to Arutz Sheva, that the reason is the understanding that the PM cannot create a new government, especially if third elections are held.

"We have understood, that Netanyahu, unfortunately, cannot form a government, he has tried twice and not succeeded. The right wing bloc had 55 mandates and is loosing ground. If we hold third elections we wil crash and burn, because of the criminal charges. In third elections we would loose further ground, from the first and second rounds."

Therefore, there is no choice but to allow another candidate from within the bloc to attempt to gain the 61 signatures needed and to tell the President, I can make a government, the main issue is that someone from within the right wing create the coalition and prevent third elections."

Engelsman refused to state which candidate he would prefer and made clear that this suggestion is not against Netanyahu but rather for the right wing bloc.

"The idea is taking root, two days ago people were sitting in shock, but slowly the idea is being though of. People are responding positively and starting to work on it. I hope with the 14 days left we will be able to form a government."