Sa'ar: Stop the madness, Netanyahu can't form a government

MK Sa'ar claims if he is voted as Likud leader he will prevent third elections.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Netanyahu, Sa'ar
Netanyahu, Sa'ar
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Knesset Member Gideon Sa'ar responded to criticism he has received from other members of the Likud, in an interview with Channel 13 News.

"All those who are attacking me, know we are in a time of political madness, they are not attempting to deal with what I am saying, they are simply trying to hurt me. I have widespread support among the rank of file of the Likud, a number of municipal heads have voiced their support."

Sa'ar responded to the possibility of third elections: "This is an economic and social disaster, the price of these elections the public will have to pay, in taxes or loss of services.

"I offered a solution that will stop this madness, what I'm doing is for the good of the state and of Likud. In the current situation (Netanyahu as PM), we didn't form a government in April, not now and we won't after third elections. Sadly Netanyahu can't."