Leah Goldin: "We have new hope of returning Hadar"

i24News spoke to the mother of fallen soldier, Hadar Goldin, who is held in Gaza

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Leah Goldin in Supreme COurt
Leah Goldin in Supreme COurt
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i24News spoke to Leah Goldin, mother of Hadar Goldin, who fell in the 2014 Gaza War and whose body is held by Hamas in Gaza. The interview was held on the back of the Defense Minister, Naftali Bennett's announcement that no terrorists bodies will be returned, no matter which terrorist group they are affiliated with.

"This policy is not new, it's the law, it's under the international humanitarian law, that all bodies should be returned, immediately and unconditionally. It should also be noted that Hadar was killed during a humanitarian ceasefire. This should have been done five years ago, as Israel obeys the law and returns bodies. By law, Israel can withheld bodies as Hamas has done so."

"We have new hope, but this announcement is a smokescreen for a greater issue. We were told that no agreements will be made as long as Hadar is not returned. We have made economic agreements and have transferred money with no discussion of returning soldiers."

"After five years and four months, any time is the right time. We could have returned them yesterday when we transfered $30 million from Qatar directly to the hands of the Hamas."