The Rabanit lay down for a rest and never woke up

The Rabanit Chaya Shahor went for a rest of Tuesday afternoon, but never woke up, she leaves behind, her husband and 7 children.

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Memorial Candle
Memorial Candle

Mourning grips the family Shahor house, she was 67 when she passed away and was buried at Mount of Olives.

Rabbanit Shahor is the wife of Rabbi Ze'ev Shahor, a prominent teacher from Rishon LeTzion, they have five boys, 2 girls and a number of grandchildren.

Shahor's sister in law, Rivka Ben Ya'akov said about her, "she was a very smart woman, very kind. She was a math teacher in colleges, her students speak of her highly, saying she would help weaker students as well as stronger ones. She greatly encouraged her students."

Shahor recently moved to Giv'atayim in order to be closer to her ageing mother-in-law, in order to care for her. She passed away suddenly without any signs of illness.

"It's really very difficult, all the grandchildren are very sad, but they are people of faith and that helps," concluded Ben Ya'akov