'If you scream, we'll kill you'

Elderly couple attacked, threatened in their home by Arab burglars during break-in.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Armed crime, illustration
Armed crime, illustration

Three Arabs burlgars, armed with knives, broke into the house of Avigail and Avraham Tzemah, aged 69 and 76, last Friday, at their home in Moshav Hagor.

"Two had their faces covered, one didn't," Avigail told Channel 12. "One pointed his knife at Avraham, one at me and one searched the rooms. The man with the knife said that if we talk or shout that he'll kill us."

Avraham said, "I asked him why? Why would he kill us? He told me to shut up and pressed the knife to my throat. After a few minutes, I lost consciousness."

The couple were held at knife point for hours, the thieves stole money and jewelry. "I was more afraid of being raped than being killed," told Avigail.

Police Spokesperson said in response; "this is a serious incident which is currently under investigation. We will not rest until we bring the perpetrators to justice."