IDF to arrange Shabbat parental visits to bases

Committee established to examine issue, following complaints from parents who were not allowed to visit several large bases on weekends.

Mordechai Sones ,

IDF base
IDF base
Flash 90

The IDF has set up a commission headed by a brigadier general, who for the first time will arrange the issue of parental visits for soldiers spending Shabbat on base.

Channel 13 News reports the committee was formed following complaints received from the Secular Forum and the Hadash Association about prevented visits to several division level training bases of the Givati, Golani and Kfir divisions.

Secular Forum Chairman Ram Froman said "Every soldier and every parent knows how important parental visits are on Saturday. The IDF also understood this, and therefore enacted an ordinance that encouraged the visits. But, then, the religious came and changed the rules of the game. We demand the IDF bring back parents' visits on Saturdays at all bases."

The IDF Spokesman responded: "IDF commanders may allow visits to IDF bases during weekends, subject to operational circumstances and existing arrangements in IDF commands. Following the decision, an internal team has been appointed to review policy on visits to IDF training bases. The team has not yet drawn up its conclusions on the issue."