Leading haredi rabbis to European Jews: Don't stand out

Leaders of Lithuanian Judaism write to Conference of European Rabbis warning Jews to keep their heads down.

Yoni Kempinski ,

reading the rabbis' letter
reading the rabbis' letter
Eli Itkin

In a letter sent by Rabbi Haim Kanievsky and Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, the leaders of the Lithuanian rabbis, to the Standing Committee of the Conference of European Rabbis, which is meeting in Geneva this week.

In their letter, the rabbis called on European Jews "not to stand out in their words and actions" because of the multitude of anti-Semitic incidents.

Rabbis Edelstein and Kanievsky wrote: "Here at this time when incidents of anti-Semitism are proliferating in many places, the Jews must hide themselves and not stand out in their words and actions. Alas that we have reached such a situation!"