European rabbis 'building up communities'

Committee of Conference of European Rabbis gathers in Geneva to discuss ways to mutually support Jewish communities.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Rabbi Menachem Gelley
Rabbi Menachem Gelley
Yoni Kempinski

Rabbi Menachem Gelley, Head of the Jewish court (Beit Din) of London and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Conference of European Rabbis spoke to Arutz Sheva at the gathering of the Standing Committee in Geneva.

"As usual there are international issues and there are local issues," Rabbi Gelley says. "We're trying to build up communities, give support and strength to the smaller communities whether they're in Europe or in Eastern Europe.

"We're also trying to uphold Jewish living in all the cities. So those cities that are challenged or are going to be challenged with shechita, with Brit Milah, we have to assist them, we have to support them. And really, what we have to do is look in advance; don't wait until something's happened! See what we can do in advance where we see challenges and winds blowing in a direction we don't especially like or are concerned about and try to addend it then. So we've got eyes watching in many, many different cities around Europe."

"Very often it's not overt anti-Semitism, but there's certainly an element." The gathering of rabbis "gives tremendous power. It means we each support one another, and we're here to assist another country as soon as they need help, we're on a plane and we assist them."