Deri in Hevron: Israel needs Netanyahu's experience and wisdom

Shas chairman seeks to strengthen Netanyahu amid fallout from indictments.

Hezki Baruch ,

Deri in Hevron
Deri in Hevron
Shas spokesperson

Shas chairman and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri visited Hevron on Sunday where he attended the appointment of Rabbi Hillel Horowitz as chairman of the Hevron administrative division.

"It is precisely from the city of our forefathers that I want to pray and strengthen our Prime Minister, Binyamin son of Tzila, who needs a lot of strengthening," Minister Deri said.

Deri added, "I just left a lengthy defense-related discussion with the Prime Minister, I will not elaborate but there were commanders from all of our defense arms, and I look at him and ask: Where does the mental strength come from? Nothing affects him and you can’t see anything on him related to the storm you hear about outside.”

"He sits in a closed room, very focused, awake, and making courageous decisions. And I tell myself, we must keep it going. His experience and talents that God has endowed him with - especially during the difficult times that the people of Israel need it, the risks and desires of our enemies in all directions - may God have mercy."

The Shas chairman stressed, "We have a man who is a messenger of the people of Israel. This is his mission. He does it in the best way possible and we need him."