Jewish convert released by the PA

David, the convert arrested by PA security forces has been released to house arrest in Hebron

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Thousands in Hevron
Thousands in Hevron
David Wilder

After two months under arrest in a Palestinian Authority prison, David, the Jewish convert who was arrested by Palestinian Authority security forces has been released and now resides in house arrest in PA controlled Hevron.

David, underwent conversion in the Rabbinic Court of Rabbi Karelitz, but has yet to receive full Israeli citizenship, was arrested Yom Kippur eve, after he went to meet his son in the Gush Etzion area.

Chaim Pereg, who has adopted David since his conversion said, "David is now under house arrest in the PA-controlled part of Hevron, he has been visited by multiple Muslim religious figures who are trying to persuade him to renounce Judaism and return to Islam. He has constantly refused, and is proud to be part of the Jewish people."

David's family saved Jews in the Arab riots of 1929, originally a Jewish family forced to convert to Islam under Turkish rule.